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JAC Consulting SEO
 Our SEO service puts your businesses on the 1st page of Google!!!
We are marketing purest when it comes to the definition of Search Engine Optimization

Our definition is your definition... we want to see your business on the first page!

Any country, any location. Wherever you want to target we can put you there!

Our Team has created an Artificial Intelligence system that uses a wide variety of SEO & SEM content techniques, combined with first page marketing concepts to achieve you these results.

Usually in just 1 Month. Then we keep you there!

SEO  Search Engine Optimization

The service we provide for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION continues to amaze our clients, what we offer & at the price we offer is a model that is unique to this industry. Simply put, we put our money where our mouth is & we get results on a performance-based model. Using direct promotion, marketing, optimization, listings & advertising with our own powerful Artificial Intelligence system, that is working everyday for your business!

Ask yourself a question. How beneficial would it be to your business to be on the 1st page of Google ~ where 94% of the world searches?

Everyday people are searching for exactly the type of business you have. Don't take our word for it. Click the link and search for yourself. This is Google Trends. This shows you anywhere in the world what people are online searching for. Use it and see how many people are looking for your business and or service. You can search by dates, locations, keywords, types of business and so.

With every sale JAC will do a very detailed Audit of your website.

Click on the PDF to view a sample audit.








Our Price is $447 per year!


 JAC Consulting SEO delivers! It's that simple!

SEO Search Engine Optimization


JAC's Search Engine Optimization

$447 Per Year 

Your 12 months begin after we put you on the 1st page!

You pick any 3 cities or municipalities. 

SEO delivers 15% Close rate

JP Van Dyke


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