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LinkedIn® 1st Degree
Email Harvesting

Since 2018 when the European Union passed the GDPR law. LinkedIn® rather than try to separate showing emails in profile download from all others they just turned off the auto option of showing connections emails in the LinkedIn® data download.

There is a little known option within profiles to see all data that is on a profile. JAC can harvest the emails for you from all 1st degree connections. 

 Without going from profile to profile.

Within a profile JAC can harvest your 1st degree connections emails & give them to you in a spread sheet.

We will deliver this service twice per year!

Having access to the email addresses of your 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn® can offer several benefits, provided that you adhere to ethical practices and legal regulations (like GDPR) when using them. Here are some potential strategies & benefits:

  1. Personalized Communication:

    • Better Engagement: You can craft personalized messages to foster deeper relationships.

    • Individualized Offers: Develop and send offers tailored to individual preferences and needs.

  2. Network Expansion:

    • Referrals: Leverage your connections for introductions to other professionals in their networks.

    • Collaborations: Propose collaborations and partnerships directly through personalized emails.

  3. Business Development:

    • Client Outreach: You can reach out to potential clients or customers to offer your products or services.

    • Feedback and Reviews: Request feedback or reviews for your products or services directly.

  4. Recruitment:

    • Talent Acquisition: If you’re in recruitment, you can approach potential candidates directly.

    • Job Opportunities: Share job opportunities with a targeted audience who trust you.

  5. Content Promotion:

    • Newsletters: Create and share newsletters to keep your network updated on industry news, your achievements, etc.

    • Events: Promote webinars, workshops, or other events to your network.

  6. Learning and Development:

    • Surveys and Research: Conduct market research or solicit feedback through surveys.

    • Knowledge Sharing: Share articles, case studies, or white papers to foster learning within your network.

  7. Sales and Marketing:

    • Lead Nurturing: Develop a lead nurturing strategy to convert connections into customers over time.

    • Product Launches: Notify your network about new product or service launches.

  8. Reputation Management:

    • Testimonials: Request testimonials or endorsements for your LinkedIn profile or website.

    • Crisis Communication: In the event of a crisis, having a direct line to your connections can be beneficial for controlling the narrative.

  9. Better Organization:

    • CRM Integration: Integrate the email addresses with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for better organization and segmentation.

    • Data Analysis: Analyze data to understand your network better and identify opportunities for engagement.

Data Sample to show you what you get with a download.

We will deliver this service
twice per year for $137!

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