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JAC offers a 12 month massive lead generation campaign to boost your business. 

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Everyone knows that the best marketing plans, touch many people in multiple ways.

JAC has put together a 12 month, 4 touch plan that will touch on average over 140,000 targeted people.

Get Real Prospects based on your business lead criteria

Deliver Invaluable Insights about your company

Boost Sales and Brand Awareness

Remember: It's all about strategic implementation.

Target the right audience.

Let JAC do the hard tedious labor. You just spend your time responding to people who are interested in your business!

 JAC has been the leader in LinkedIn Prospect Marketing for over 15 years. Having worked with over 3000 clients globally on growing their LinkedIn profiles and bringing in targeted prospects.


JAC has brought in for our clients over 2,700,000 new connections

1st ~ JAC will send out the Linkedin max of 100 invites every week for up to 3 profiles in your company for 12 months.

You can change profiles at any time throughout the year, as well as change targeting for each profile. JAC will help you to optimize these profiles so that when viewed you are getting the best opportunity from your profile.

The average return is 10 to 15 new connections each week into each profile.

JAC will launch a 6-month messaging campaign aimed at nurturing new connections and transforming them into meaningful business relationships.

2nd ~ JAC will conduct a 3000 business cold calling campaign.

JAC will call on 300 business people each month to generate leads for your business. JAC will write the script and create the list. Once completed JAC will forward the list to you with the results. For those that want more information, JAC will email them sales copy you provide.

3rd ~ JAC will create an email campaign for 100,000 businesses.

JAC has its own email system.

JAC can generate emails from profiles on Linkedin. There is no danger to your email, we use our own seasoned emails and have the responses forwarded to an email of your choosing. We always are CanSpam compliant.

JAC will create the visually stunning emails, capture the lists and send 10 campaigns of 10,000 business professionals each month.

JAC will provide you the full lists, which will have all the details of everything on each profile.

4th ~ JAC will create a LinkedIn Business page (if you do not have one)


JAC will weekly create posts for your business and distribute them across multiple locations on LinkedIn. Profiles, business pages and groups. JAC will invite 250 people per month to follow your business.

The benefits of this is 2 fold. First your business is put in front of a large number of people every week. Second its put in front of the biggest gorilla in the room ~ GOOGLE ~ Google takes this content and indexes it for the internet which brings you massive SEO, giving you an even bigger audience to find you.

Finally you have JAC as your digital marketing consultant in a host of other areas that can benefit your business. JAC would meet with you once per month on updates and changes or needs your business wants that JAC can help with

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